Membership Rewards Program (MRP)

Membership Rewards Program (MRP)

The AET Eco Community will establish a “Global Eco VIP Membership” to recruit eco-members from around the world. Global eco-members, which is an ongoing source of income generated by the AET Ecology. The income will also be returned to the different participants in different ways and the community will be strengthened and shared in a common vision.

Member Rewards Program (MRP) is a unique loyalty program under AET Foundation for subscription and community basis. MRP offers rewards, discounts, or other special incentives which are designed as a reward for members. All the qualified members can participate into AET Ecology and its ecosystem to enjoy the members’ benefit.

This MRP will able to form a strong AET community and all the members will enjoy the privilege and benefits while spending in the AET ecosystem. There are several important benefits of having MRP:

Membership Rewards


ACU Resort Stay and Facilities Enjoyment


E-Commerce Discount Vouchers


Education / Courses


Gold / Diamond Redemption


Property Investment

Resort / Hotel Reservation Form