Asia Ecology Token (AET)

Asia Ecology Token (AET)

AET (full name as Asia Ecology Token) is a decentralized digital economic ecology created to help the Asian Dollar ACU share in the international financial currency. The AET ecosystem provides people with comprehensive application scenarios for encrypted digital assets, provides a basic underlying right confirmation mechanism for Member Rewards Program (MRP) and its application ecosystem that allow AET for the application in its ecosystem where promoting the development of global economic integration.

The mission of AET Ecology is to establish a set of global financial infrastructure based on the concept of Token Economy, and to introduce the form of global distributed Community Governance for management, and make full use of the wisdom and strength of the community.

In the next five years, the AET Ecology will build the following five ecological businesses to support the continuous fission and growth of the AET ecology on a global scale, and generate a steady stream of income to be distributed to AET holders to create more value for them. Continuously realize the expansion of the AET Ecology and the growth of the value of AET itself.


AET Ecology Business

Our first fundamental business, the Member Rewards Program (MRP) is a unique loyalty program under AET Foundation for subscription and community basis. MRP offers rewards, discounts, or other special incentives which are designed as a reward for members. All the qualified members can participate into AET Ecology and its ecosystem to enjoy the members’ benefit.


MRP will give members’ privilege to Resort’s facility under ACU Group, e-commerce discount and rewards, special incentives to buy gold, swapping with selective digital assets, special incentives for selective property investment, can participate into the qualified incubation projects and many more.

The digital asset exchange will be the second fundamental business of the AET ecosystem and the core business in the early stage of ecological development. Within five years of the establishment of AET, AET Foundation will invest, incubate, and create at least 10 digital asset exchanges around the world, and implement differentiated operations and management according to different countries, different languages, and different races to form an exchange. A multi-country, multi-language, and multi-cultural global matrix has successively realized the global free migration of digital assets within the ecological scope. The exchange is the first infrastructure in AET's global financial infrastructure.

The digital currency banking business will be the third fundamental business of the AET ecosystem, which belongs to the core business in the mid-term ecological development. Banks are the infrastructure of the traditional financial system and order. The traditional financial order is based on banking business and has begun to extend to banking financial system. When the financial order of digital currency begins to disrupt the traditional financial order, a new type of digital currency bank will also be born, reconstructing the financial and economic system.

Blockchain investment and incubation will be the forth fundamental business of the AET ecosystem, and this business will run through the development of the AET ecosystem for a long time! We believe that in addition to bringing bitcoin currency to human civilization, Satoshi Nakamoto has brought bitcoin ideas, which are implemented in specific businesses, namely "Token Economy" and "Community Governance". The AET Foundation will fully implement the Bitcoin idea. It is far from enough to rely solely on our community, so we will continue to invest and incubate the corresponding business system.

Global blockchain education and consultation is the fifth basic business of the AET ecosystem, and this business will run through the development of the AET ecosystem for long time! We believe that most digital currency participants and blockchain practitioners have difficulty understanding the nature of blockchain and Bitcoin as a whole. The digital bit civilization created by Satoshi Nakamoto is brand new to human civilization that will lead mankind to a new era. Under such cross-age change, ordinary people in the entire human society urgently need systematic blockchain cognition training. Therefore, we will continue to invest in blockchain education and generate a steady stream of tuition and membership fees in different countries and around the world.